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Don’t Forget The Top Coat!

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I am going to write a book:  

‘Don’t Forget The Topcoat!’

A Journey of Christian Womanhood

From hiding to healing.

I think the title sounds good.  I just got done with a women’s get together at church.  Now that sounds so very, I don’t know, fun and refreshing.  I cannot say it was all that.  I guess I expected all fun without the heart wrenching feelings I had there.  I feel so deeply for others.  My call has been to love women for a long time.  And that was what this was all about.  Breeann and I got to do a skit in the beginning of it.  That was the fun part!  That and just the steady hum of conversation and the sweet voices of the women sharing their lives.  For those of you not called to that it would probably sound horrible, but for me it was marvelous!  I have decided that I like putting on skits and acting.  But between the skit and the main speaker I realized something about that and, of course, it touched me a little deeper than I would like.  She had some bad situations growing up.  She made some really bad decisions from there to here.  It was all a journey I found exhausting for the parallels it had with different times with my life.  She works at a Christian ranch that helps people to heal emotionally and spiritually with love and Jesus.  I wish I would have found that place years ago.  It has been quite the journey in my life, even since coming to Christ.  I identified with her saying that she wished someone would have been able to tell her or show her what she needed to do.  She finally did run into that at a Christian Recover Center and then after that at this 5 Rock Ranch where she now lives.  I had heard someone say of her that she calls herself the chameleon because she changed to be what was acceptable in what ever environment she was in and I know that journey.  There are times when I find myself trying to slip back into that.  It is the one battle I have to keep continually surrendering to the Lord because I know who I am in Christ and it is so contrary to who I was when I was trying to live like the world.  Sometimes it presents itself so evident in other Christians that I don’t know what to do.  And sometimes it is so strong in me that I wonder how long it takes to overcome completely.  I would like to talk to that speaker more.  She testifies to being delivered from all those things and I would like to change the last line of my book to ‘from hiding to healed’

The title is one that came to my brain on the drive home today.  Because I found in my life that I spent most of it trying to be a french manicure.  I painted on the ‘natural’ color, because mine wasn’t good enough, and to be sure that it stayed that way I added two layers of top coat.  So I looked good and normal on the outside and boy was I durable.  I was suppose to look that way.  But underneath I was suffocating in all the fakeness.  I was trying to be what I thought I should be, but it was not who I was meant to be.  I am getting closer though…now…and the Lord Jesus has 100% been the reason that I am.  But I want to be completely restored to who I was meant to be and I am not sure I am there, but I am sure God will take me there.  The question is:  Will it be before Peru or in Peru?

Blessings everyone!


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My Grammie and the Waltons

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My maternal Grandmother, Charlotte, whom we called Grammie. This was taken of her in 1990.


 This is my Grammie.  It has taken me almost 6 months to write about this because God has had me on a  journey with it.  I have not grieved so hard since I lost my son 21 years ago.  She died the day after her birthday in January.  I was there with the family as she took her last breath.  I have been living ever since praying for God to remove that vision.  It was not what I would have wanted or would ever have pictured.  I have seen people die before.  But it was different to have someone who so deeply touched my life.  I often said I wanted to grow up and be a Grammie.  She deserves to be remembered and her memory will remain alive through the stories I pass on to my children and grandchildren.  She was there for me so often.  She had a heart that didn’t stop and a deep love for her family.  She had been in much pain for the last 10 years due to a nerve condition that they could never resolve.   

Anthony, my son, who was born September 1989, but died of SIDS at 2 months. Here he is with my sister the day he was born.


I have just buried it so I could just get stronger.  I do not know where she was in her walk, though I shared the love of Jesus with, and prayed for, her.  Somehow I kept thinking if I knew she was safe in Jesus’ presence it would make it so much easier.  And I believe it would have, but I think God wants me to feel this uncertainty so that I can cling to Him right now.  So that I feel an even stronger urgency to pray for those I love and have a burden to share the love of Jesus with others.    

 See, our close friends and neighbors had a death on Sunday.  Our friend Len lost his dad.  It was his mom and dad’s anniversary.  I could barely show feelings.  I realize that I have put a bandage on my heart to block the injury I have from losing my Grammie and in the process I have blocked a part of me that feels for others in their grief.  I realized that when I could not allow myself to cry for their loss.  I don’t want to do that again.  I did that for years with Anthony and ended up shunning death and those who mourned.  Time to take the bandage off and give the wound some air so that it can toughen up and heal.    

I think, if I could ask anything of anyone it would be the lesson that came with the Waltons.   

 Gabby, our youngest, has been on a mission to watch all the Walton’s shows first.  I started getting the seasons a few years ago for holidays and then Ron got all but   

#5 of the 8 seasons.  She found that she had really only watched half of them by the time she got to 8 because she did not know the DVDs were two sided.  What I watched was the learning experiences she gained from the show, and what it made me feel in nostalgia.  As the seasons rolled on they lost Grandpa.  Then many health tragedies struck them.  Momma got sick, depressed, and then had to go tend to John boy who was in the hospital after being injured in the war.  Grandma went away for a while after having had stroke herself.  They had a house fire.  All these tragedies, yet we watched their love and faith heal them as a family.  They were never the same after each event.  It changed them.  It changed us.  It made us reflect.  It made us wish we could go back.  Back to the sweet first days when everyone was alive and well.  When youth with all it’s energy and beauty was like the breath of Spring.    

How do you get beyond that in life?  Are you really ever meant to?  For the Walton’s we started watching side two at the beginning of the series today.  We want to go back and with a tv show we can.  Now everyone is alive and all are happy.(though still poor, lol)  But I reflected upon that as I came in to Gabby going, “Hurray!  Grandpa is alive!”  It created a thrill in me.  A joy of sorts.  May seem shallow about a show, but I think it went deeper.  It made me think of Jesus, his sacrifice, and his raising from the dead.  With Jesus we all will have that thrill someday.  I pray that everyone can be certain of that by wrestling with their doubts, their faith, with the realization of their mortality as humans.  Jesus has given us a gift that will allow us to have that thrill one day with our loved ones.  Gift those who love you with a profession of your faith so that they can have the comfort of knowing that they will see you again some day.  If you struggle with the belief in God, Jesus, and salvation I would ask that you write to me.  I would be happy to send you resources or talk to you about what it all means.  I won’t force it upon the unwilling, but will be more than happy to share with the seekers who are hearing Jesus knock on the door of their hearts.  My Grammie had that picture on her wall, but I don’t really know what she made of it.  The picture of Jesus knocking on the door.  I pray she let Him in.    

Blessings, Stephanie

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