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   Posted by: Ron & Stephanie Kenaston    in Our Mission

God is teaching us so much about what it truly means to be flexible, and it is not like the picture!

You think about what God has brought us through in life and I for one felt like there was nothing that he could throw our way that would shake me.  I think that naivety is a human trait that we all possess.  The “Well it can’t get any worse than this” syndrome.  But I don’t want to take that worldly point of view.  I want to reflect on the last year from a God focused perspective.

It has been a year since God touch Ron and I with the confirmation that we were to go on the mission field full time.  Looking back, I cannot believe that it has been a year because of how fast it has gone, and because of how much has been crammed into it.  It goes to show that this next year, until we hit the field, will pass quickly too.  The things we have learned about flexibility, which we are told is a missionary’s tool, are:

  • Nothing is concrete until you are doing it, until then it is a ‘Possibility’. 
  • Time is also flexible.  Soon can mean tomorrow, next month, or next year.  God is the boss of time and will do things when they are suppose to happen. Your schedule can change dramatically from one project to the next.
  • You have to be as prepared, as possible, that God may change directions on you at any given time and not give a reason, other than: I AM GOD.

We have learned these lessons through some of these examples. 

  • We did not know until October, which was 9 months since feeling called, what country we would be assigned to in South America.  God gifted us with Peru; a country we love.  We had incredible growth in patience with this one too.
  • We found out some ministries we thought we were being assigned to.  In actuality, they are ministries that are under consideration, along with others, for our placement.  Being still a ways from the field there may be new opportunities so they leave that until they work with the FLT (Field Leadership Team) in Peru.  Therefore, it is open to change.  Praise God that our missions organization, South America Mission, is so prayerful and careful in their placement.
  • We starting thinking Ron’s theology training would go in one direction, from one school and ended up going a different way.  He started classes at Moody Bible Institute on January 12th.

Honestly, there are so many things that have also happened and we realize God is using it to prepare us in tremendous ways for the work ahead.  Whether it is grieving or rejoicing, working or resting, learning or applying.  He has us going everywhere.  What a great God we serve that he should care so much about our preparation for His work.  It would be easy to look at this past year and focus on the tough stuff from a negative point of view.  How thankful are we to see it and know the Love of our God.

Blessings, Stephanie

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