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Don’t Forget The Top Coat!

   Posted by: Ron & Stephanie Kenaston    in Our Mission


I am going to write a book:  

‘Don’t Forget The Topcoat!’

A Journey of Christian Womanhood

From hiding to healing.

I think the title sounds good.  I just got done with a women’s get together at church.  Now that sounds so very, I don’t know, fun and refreshing.  I cannot say it was all that.  I guess I expected all fun without the heart wrenching feelings I had there.  I feel so deeply for others.  My call has been to love women for a long time.  And that was what this was all about.  Breeann and I got to do a skit in the beginning of it.  That was the fun part!  That and just the steady hum of conversation and the sweet voices of the women sharing their lives.  For those of you not called to that it would probably sound horrible, but for me it was marvelous!  I have decided that I like putting on skits and acting.  But between the skit and the main speaker I realized something about that and, of course, it touched me a little deeper than I would like.  She had some bad situations growing up.  She made some really bad decisions from there to here.  It was all a journey I found exhausting for the parallels it had with different times with my life.  She works at a Christian ranch that helps people to heal emotionally and spiritually with love and Jesus.  I wish I would have found that place years ago.  It has been quite the journey in my life, even since coming to Christ.  I identified with her saying that she wished someone would have been able to tell her or show her what she needed to do.  She finally did run into that at a Christian Recover Center and then after that at this 5 Rock Ranch where she now lives.  I had heard someone say of her that she calls herself the chameleon because she changed to be what was acceptable in what ever environment she was in and I know that journey.  There are times when I find myself trying to slip back into that.  It is the one battle I have to keep continually surrendering to the Lord because I know who I am in Christ and it is so contrary to who I was when I was trying to live like the world.  Sometimes it presents itself so evident in other Christians that I don’t know what to do.  And sometimes it is so strong in me that I wonder how long it takes to overcome completely.  I would like to talk to that speaker more.  She testifies to being delivered from all those things and I would like to change the last line of my book to ‘from hiding to healed’

The title is one that came to my brain on the drive home today.  Because I found in my life that I spent most of it trying to be a french manicure.  I painted on the ‘natural’ color, because mine wasn’t good enough, and to be sure that it stayed that way I added two layers of top coat.  So I looked good and normal on the outside and boy was I durable.  I was suppose to look that way.  But underneath I was suffocating in all the fakeness.  I was trying to be what I thought I should be, but it was not who I was meant to be.  I am getting closer though…now…and the Lord Jesus has 100% been the reason that I am.  But I want to be completely restored to who I was meant to be and I am not sure I am there, but I am sure God will take me there.  The question is:  Will it be before Peru or in Peru?

Blessings everyone!


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Healing the Sick

   Posted by: Ron & Stephanie Kenaston    in Our Mission


jesus healing

It is very interesting to read the accounts of Jesus healing the sick.  All the people who came out of the woodwork.  I don’t think it ever goes into detail of him healing anyone unless it was disabling or deadly.  Am I wrong?  I think a lot of people would have been in line for healing of the swine flu, lately, though.  I am not completely sure that is what went through our home, but someone was sick from the end of September all the way through the beginning of November.  A large family can be a real blessing, but when a illness strikes your house it can also be a trial.  We did our best to stay in quarantine and washing our hands, yet everyone but Ron managed to get it.  Now we are on this side of it and I am very thankful.  But I was praying for Jesus to just heal us and keep us from getting it.  The answer was no.  But I look back on the healings of Jesus and it says he healed the sick, but always talks about the very, very sick.  Like gonna die sick.  We didn’t die, and I know that others have from this flu, so I guess the answer was yes, in time. 

Thank you Lord for sparing our lives. 

Lord we pray for those who have been devastated by this illness

and for the families of those who have died from it. 

Lord heal those who get it in your perfect timing. 

We love you Lord, Amen.

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